WA Police Commissioner Col Blanch’s son and cop Michael Blanch pleads guilty to speeding


The son of West Australia’s top cop has been fined and banned from driving for six months, after riding his motorcycle more than 60km above the speed limit.

Michael Blanch, who is the son of Police Commissioner Col Blanch, entered a written plea of guilty at Joondalup Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Blanch, who is also a serving police officer, had been riding a Honda motorcycle which was clocked travelling at 132km/h on Marmion Ave on December 28, 2023.

The speed limit on that specific road is 70km/hr in the northern suburbs of Perth.

Mr Blanch was fined $1,200, with costs of $270, and banned from driving for six months.

He did not apply for a spent conviction – meaning the driving offence will now appear on his record.

Police Commissioner Blanch told morning radio on Wednesday said he was disappointed by his son’s actions.

“I’m disappointed obviously as a father and certainly as a commissioner, but I love my son and I will always support him, no matter what he does and hopefully he learns a significant lesson from this.

“He’s not above the law and he will cop the consequences like everyone else does at court.”

Police Commissioner Blanch confirmed he’d also removed himself from the disciplinary process – which was being handled by a deputy police commissioner, explaining his son was “not above the law”

“The first thing I did was brief the CCC Commissioner that my son was caught speeding, I also let the (police) minister know,” the commissioner said.

“I have totally removed myself from any of the disciplinary processes, I have given that to a deputy commissioner.

“I don’t talk to her about it, she will deal directly with the CCC Commissioner as required.“