Sydney Sweeney shoots down big rumour amid backlash


After the blockbuster success of her rom-com Anyone But You, actress Sydney Sweeney couldn’t be a hotter property in Hollywood right now – so some fans were puzzled by a report about her next career move that surfaced this week.

Film critic Jeff Sneider reported in his newsletter this week that Sweeney, 26, had signed on to star in the supernatural thriller Day Drinker – alongside Johnny Depp, 60.

Depp has been largely shunned by Hollywood since his very public court case against ex-wife Amber Heard in 2022. His current film, the historical drama Jeanne du Barry, was made in France and Belgium.

Fans quickly took to social media to express their displeasure at the possibility Sweeney’s next film would see her co-starring alongside Depp – so the actress herself logged on to address the speculation.

“Woke up to rumours anyways go see @ImmaculateMovie in theaters this weekend!” Sweeney tweeted, referring to her latest film, the horror flick Immaculate.

Not a denial, then – as Sneider noted, standing by his initial report. However, Entertainment Weekly reported that a representative for Sweeney had confirmed to the outlet she was not involved in the upcoming film.

It’s not the first time in Sweeney’s career she’s had to deal with a potentially damaging rumour: As she and co-star Glen Powell filmed the surprise smash rom-com Anyone But You in Australia last year, the pair also had to deal with speculation their on-screen chemistry had spilled into a real-life affair.

But the co-stars leaned into the rumour, poking fun at the speculation when Sweeney hosted Saturday Night Live recently.

“The craziest rumour I’ve seen is that while I was filming Anyone But You, I was having an affair with my co-star Glen Powell,” she told viewers as she opened the show.

“That’s obviously not true. Me and my fiance [Jonathan Davino] produced the movie together and he was there the entire shoot.

“And I just want to let everyone know that he’s the man of my dreams and we’re still together and stronger than ever. He even came here tonight to support me.”

The camera then cut to an awkward-looking Powell as Sweeney protested: “That’s not my fiance!”

Anyone But You has now grossed well over $US200 million at the worldwide box office – a huge return on a movie that cost around $US25 million to make.

This makes it officially the highest-grossing live Shakespeare adaptation in cinema history (it’s loosely based on the Bard’s Much Ado About Nothing).

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