Rita Ora arrives back in Sydney


UK singer Rita Ora has been spotted sneaking into Australia alongside her director husband, Taika Waititi.

On arrival, the well-known star decided to go full ninja and wore an all-black outfit with a hoodie, sunglasses and a face mask.

Sadly, her husband’s standard outfit undermined the incognito look, as it made no attempt to conceal his identity.

Although it was almost impossible to tell which celebrity was wearing the outfit, Ora’s concealing look definitely gave away her celebrity status.

No one dresses that much like they don’t want to be recognised unless they’re incredibly recognisable.

It isn’t unusual for Ora, 33, to visit Australia – she’s been a regular since she snagged a gig judging on Seven’s The Voice in 2021.

When she first started hanging out in Australia it seemed like she immediately had a gaggle of celebrity friends with whom to share the experience.

She was famously spotted shopping at David Jones in Sydney alongside Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky, and Aussie actor Isla Fisher.

Ora would have of course, known, Pataky through the fact that Waititi was the director of the Thor franchise that Chris Hemsworth stars in.

During this time, romance rumours about Ora and Waititi began to circulate, and they turned out to be true.

The two later got married in 2022 and shared that news with the world in 2023.

In fact things have been going so well that when Ora appeared on The Greatest Night Ever podcast she said that her romance with the director was a “fairy tale.”

“I’ve always wanted the fairytale, that’s what I grew up loving. For me, it was always about that love, finding a partner, so I’m really happy I did,” she said.

While it was a first marriage for Ora it was Waititi’s second – he’d previously been married to film producer Chelsea Winstanley for six years and the former couple share two children.

In 2023 during an interview on SiriusXM Waititi shared the moment he knew Ora was the one for him.

“When we first met which was years before we got together and we became really good friends and we were always the last people hanging out at the end of the night just chatting,” he shared.

He also said that when the pair got together Ora had shared that she knows people always advise to take it “slow” but she wanted to do the opposite and said “we are all in.”

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