Need For Speed Mobile is now available as early access in Australia for Android and iOS


Need For Speed ​​Mobileafter a long wait, is finally preparing to open its intensive program Run Experience the world on mobile starting with the game’s availability in Early Access Australia for Android and iOS devices.

Live an adrenaline pumping mobile racing experience in Need For Speed ​​Mobile

With the open-world setting, players will have the opportunity to explore a massive 10km x 10km map, which in Need for Speed ​​Mobile will also bring the challenge of navigating different racetracks and facing dynamic weather conditions . Players have the opportunity to choose from a staggering range of over 30 officially licensed cars.

The highly anticipated mobile racing title Need For Speed ​​Mobile by @EA is now available in Early Access in the Australia region. 

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Although these come from the most desirable car manufacturers in the world, customization is key. This is achieved by giving players control over their car’s appearance and performance. The game offers a wide variety of hub, tire, paint and wrap options, allowing players to choose their favorite colors or create custom designs to make their cars stand out on the track.

The gameplay also includes supply crates for mission points, further enhancing the open world experience. Another exciting mode is the multiplayer option, which also comes with online events. Thanks to the voice chat function, social connectivity is increased. When all of these features are covered, the racing experience becomes even more intense.

How to Download and Play Need For Speed ​​Mobile

Currently available for players in Australia, Android players can download and play through the Google Play Store. Non-regional players can connect to Australia VPN and get the installation option for their devices on the store page. iOS players can play through the can game test flightwhich you can access via the link and join here.

Please note that once the game reaches its maximum player capacity, new registrations will no longer be allowed. Due to the regional restriction, these tests may be complete, but players can try to gain access when possible. It is therefore best to log in as soon as you enter the game.

It is scheduled for a limited-time playtest and will open on July 13, 2023at 00:00:01 (UTC+0) and lasts 7 days until July 19, 2023, at 13:59:59 (UTC+0). For this trial period, it is recommended to ensure that the device in use has more than 6GB of RAM available.

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