I’m A Celebrity: Denise Drysdale reignites infamous ‘brussel sprouts’ feud with Ita Buttrose


Denise Drysdale has reignited her long-running feud with Ita Buttrose after admitting she wishes she’d thrown more than just a brussels sprout at her former co-star.

Tensions between Drysdale and Buttrose erupted in 2017, when Drysdale hurled a brussels sprout at her colleague during the taping of a Studio 10 Christmas song.

At the time, Drysdale, a two-time Gold Logie winner, apologised for the incident, blaming it on a few too many glasses of champers.

However, it seems Drysdale is less sorry than she made out to be after recalling the moment during her first appearance in the I’m A Celebrity jungle on Monday night.

While playing a game of True or False with her campmates, the presenter addressed the incident: “We were filming and I got the turkey and brussels sprouts on this tray. We did it 11 times, and at one stage I turned around and Ita was just sitting over in the corner. And I just picked up the brussels sprout and I lobbed it, I didn’t throw it I lobbed it. “

Drysdale went on to confess that had she if she’s known the furore the incident was going to create, she would have “lobbed” something far heavier at her co-star.

“Unfortunately, it landed right on her red Chanel suit and she wasn’t happy. But there was so much publicity for it I couldn’t believe it. Had I known how much publicity there was going to be I would have thrown the turkey!”

“Let’s hope that doesn’t go to air,” she then chuckled.

Following the incident, there were reports that the pair stopped speaking. Other rumours suggested that Drysdale was moved to a different seating position on the panel and that she was taken off her weekly spot on the show.

“The upshot is that she thought I disrespected her but I didn’t and I don’t,” Drysdale said a few months after the scandal hit headlines. “I am so sorry I did it. If I’d known it was going to cause so much trouble I wouldn’t have done it. I just didn’t think. But that’s me all over. It’s nothing that I haven’t done before. That’s why people like me. They look at me and think, ‘She’s a bit of whacker’. And I am. I’m a bit of a ratbag.”