‘Game changing’ $10 Kmart travel compression storage bags


A $10 Kmart item is all the rage on social media with travellers boasting about how it will “change your life” when it comes to packing for a trip.

There’s nothing more annoying than having to rearrange your suitcase or leave clothes behind, because it simply won’t fit.

Kmart shoppers have discovered the Aussie chain’s travel compression storage bag and they’re obsessed.

$10 Kmart item gives ‘30 per cent’ more baggage space

One TikToker claimed the bags freed up to 30 per cent more luggage space, allowing her to pack even more items.

“This $10 Kmart product will change your life, especially if you’re an overpacker like me,” lifestyle and travel blogger Jess Ricci said in a clip.

“These are the compression storage bags – they come in a set of six (four small and two large).”

Jess, who has accumulated more than one million likes on her TikToks, said she really loves to pack her suitcase to the brim and fears her bag will one day “break”.

“These are pretty much the old school vacuum storage bags that are made manual,” she said about her new-found obsession.

“You pack them up and then compress them down. I personally like the rolling technique.”

Just said it helps remove the air and flattens the garments down in a way that “packing cubes could never”.

“You see the difference,” she said. “I estimated I got about 30 per cent more space with the bags which of course I then filled up with more stuff.”

Other customers have taken to Kmart’s site to give the item a 4.3-star rating out of 23 reviews.

“Takes a bit of practice but once you get the hang of rolling them they work really well,” one traveller wrote.

“I was able to fit two weeks worth of clothing plus shopping in half a suitcase. Also protects your clothes from any spills or leaks. Will definitely use these for any trips in the future.”

Another traveller said she took to the $10 bags to Japan and was able to squeeze more in her suitcase “as I knew I’d be buying up a storm”.

One woman said she was able to “significantly reduce bulky winter clothing” that she had put into storage.

“Good size for full length puffer jackets and jersey’s, hoodies, etc.” she added.

However, others warned it can be difficult to “get the air out” when rolling the bags, while some argued they couldn’t get the bags to stay compressed.

“Resorted to using our larger size sandwich bags which worked better than this compression item,” one woman wrote in her review.