Clash Royale fan shares a Cannon Evolution concept card with ability to launch Skeletons


clash royale Card concepts from the r/ClashRoyale Reddit community are full of brilliant ideas for introducing some concepts in the future. Yet another interesting concept has emerged in the area map development, where a Clash Royale fan shared a Cannon Evolution concept map that features the ability to launch Skeletons. Curious? We’ll tell you how.

The advanced cannon punishes its target with skeletons

The Evolution update has taken the community by storm thanks to its innovative ability to improve troops/maps by giving them unique features tied to their usage and abilities. More maps will be added as the days go by, but the community has decided to give a small contribution to the updates with their Evolution map concepts.

We already know Cannon as a defensive building card that offers reliable defense against ground forces. It’s already one of the best defense maps in the game, and now the advancement idea suggested by Reddit user u/HimB0Z0 might make this a little more interesting.

The concept is that the cannon can shoot a skeleton in two running cycles to distract its targets. While we didn’t receive a video demonstration of this, the concept lets our minds run wild and envisions how the card will work when it arrives.

Once again, the community has responded positively to the shared Cannon Evolution concept in Clash Royale. In closing, I would like to say that this might look a bit over the top, but if you make a few tweaks to the idea, it can be a really good card.

What do you think of this Cannon Evolution map concept? in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!