Shoppers are obsessed with Aldi’s latest Special Buys range

Aldi’s latest Special Buys range has captured a lot of attention with shoppers waiting outside before the doors even opened in a bid to get a piece. Aldi released a streetwear collection with the range boasting a total of 23 items, all under $20, landing in the middle aisle on April 13. The collection includes … Read more

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese talks Bondi attack on 60 Minutes

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has urged Australians grappling with grief and shock over Saturday’s devastating mass murder rampage at Bondi Junction to “reach out” for support in the coming days as the full horror of the event continues to unfold. “It is important that people be allowed to express their grief,” Mr Albanese told told … Read more

Farmer Wants A Wife: Posh girl whacked by tree branch mid-flirt

Farmer Wants A Wife returns with a metaphorical and literal bang on Sunday when one of the posh city girls gets whacked by a tree branch while trying to flirt. After three months lurking in the dark and dank sewer of Married At First Sight, we’ve now emerged into a sun-dappled meadow. It’s a completely … Read more

KSrelief extends humanitarian aid efforts to Sudan, Yemen

KSrelief extended its commitment to providing vital assistance to those in need, with recent efforts spanning Sudan and Yemen. In the Karari locality of Khartoum, KSrelief distributed 233 shelter bags to needy and displaced families, offering urgent relief to 1,357 individuals.

Ancient New Year celebration caps long Eid holidays in Bangladesh

SYDNEY: Australian police on Sunday said a 40-year-old itinerant with mental illness was behind a Sydney shopping center stabbing rampage that killed six people, including a new mum whose nine-month-old baby is still in hospital with serious wounds. New South Wales police Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cooke said the assailant — who was shot dead by … Read more